Features For Hotel

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  • Give separate rates to each agency and choose best hotel room sales strategy.
  • Load complete property information including room type & features of any property with photographs
  • Update the price once and sync it with all the agents/or selected pool of agents
  • Load Rack Rate based on seasonality
  • Search for agents in specific markets.
  • Give agents access to special offers with limited inventory.
  • Get online booking from traditional Travel Agents with confirmed payment.
  • Invite agents on to UniLogin, who currently are not using UniLogin.
  • Save hours by eliminating manual updates of bookings & rates
  • Ability to maintain rate parity
  • Detailed reports to analyse the performance of agents
  • Easily identify booking trends to sell better
  • Set rate based on amount or rate code.
  • Allow them access to request, block or confirm based on each agency.
  • Set value limits of booking & capability to top up these limits after usage
  • View enquiries and reservations from agents.
  • Capability to confirm with request sent by agents.
  • Capability to view successful confirmations from earlier blocked rooms
  • View cancellation request.
  • View changes in booking that does not affect billing.
  • View payments scheduled from travel companies and its updates.
  • Avoid overbooking
  • Tap into new lucrative markets based on trends
  • Integrate with your PMS/booking Engine/Channel Managers
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